Body Corporate Cleaning

The frequency of maintenance on hard floors will vary depending on the surface, the finish, and the level of traffic on the surface. Innova structures a customised maintenance plan for your premises to provide you with a floor that is in mint condition all year round.

When you outsource floor care with Innova, you immediately reduce your costs as you will be met with certified and qualified technicians who know the craft of floor maintenance inside out. We remove the many years of negligence in your floor care by making the necessary adjustments and developing a program to meet your objectives. In providing this service, we identify your floor coverings and the requirements for maintaining each type.

Our Floor Maintenance services use:

  • The most effective chemicals

  • The proper equipment for the greatest efficiency

  • The best tools and materials to accomplish the task

  • The frequency with which to do the job

With a considered approach to ongoing maintenance, a sound floor maintenance program that uses superior chemicals, efficient equipment and trained labour, Innova guarantees this approach will keep your floors looking their best while holding down restorative maintenance costs.

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