We know what passengers are like – leaving pieces of rubbish, having their greasy hands all over the back of seats and the internal windows. We also know that there are always surprises in the onboard toilets!

Leave your dirty and messy fleets to us – there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

We offer total fleet cleaning services (internal and external) so your assets are always maintained, sanitized to Australian Standards and are easy on the eye when on the road (key to your brand awareness and business growth!).

Innova has experience in cleaning over 40,000+ vehicles per month.

Helping you make a great first impression

You deserve flawless results, which is why we pride ourselves on our exemplary attention to detail. Items that tend to be overlooked in fleet cleaning include skirting boards, stairwells, ventilation grates, light covers, cobwebs, windows and loose / small litter in between and under seats.

To ensure you get the results you deserve, we start by creating you a personalised plan that attends to what’s most important to you and your passengers. With this plan in place, our experienced and highly trained cleaners can deliver the impeccable and consistent results you need. You can rest assured we’re going to spend detailed time on your fleet.

Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. Let us guarantee the first impression your passengers have is a pristine, clean and tidy transport service.

We Service:

  • Bus

  • Coach

  • Truck

  • Trailer

  • Train

  • Aircraft

  • Ferry

Benefits of working with us:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning methods

  • TGA approved products

  • Personalised maintenance service schedule

  • Increased life of fleets

  • Vehicle inspections are a breeze

We recommend to all our clients

  • Steam cleaning cloth seats

  • Conditioning leather seats

  • Carpets

  • Windows

  • Sanitising

  • Hard floor restoration

  • Refuelling

  • Vehicle detailing

  • Equipment washing

  • Engine washing

  • Truck washing

  • Chiller washing

  • Truck / Bus detailing

  • Trailer washing

Choose Quality with Innova's Cleaning Services

We understand that in the transport industry cleanliness and sanitisation of your fleet is a must. Don’t believe a bus is clean simply because the seats have been wiped and the floor is vacuumed. A thorough cleaning service should pay attention to even the smallest of details.
Our comprehensive cleaning services give you peace of mind and allow you to breathe knowing that your passengers will be using a vehicle that is and its amenities.

We do more than daily services. We work with transport providers to create an individualised preventative cleaning maintenance plan. This is to ensure the quality of our service is kept to a high standard. What’s more, our team is available 24/7 to suit your travel schedules. Through regular audits and careful supervision of each team, we make sure to uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves.

What our customers say about Innova

"Have found Innova Services to be a well organised family based business which offers incredible customer service at competitive prices.

Coraline and the Team are easy to deal with, very accommodating, and reliable!"


Rose Jocumsen
BCM Manager

Creating healthier and more sustainable spaces with  

Abiding by safety standards is something we commit to here at Innova. This includes tested and tagged equipment, conformity to all applicable OHS and environmental regulations and the types of chemicals used. With us, you get an allocated team of experienced cleaners that know your needs. Every one of our cleaners must undergo a police check and hold a white/blue card.