Body Corporate Cleaning

The presentation of common areas creates the first impression of your body corporate complex. What kind of tenants or potential buyers does it attract and how much do they value their space? For us, professional body corporate cleaning is more than just a regular service. We’re known for paying attention to the details other cleaners miss, servicing more than 200 happy clients across Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Our body corporate cleaners are experienced industry professionals in corporate cleaning services. We listen to our clients and are driven to deliver premium results. As a family business, we hold ourselves accountable to one another and you.

Helping you make a great first impression

You deserve flawless results, which is why we pride ourselves on our exemplary attention to detail. Items that tend to be overlooked in strata/body corporate cleaning include skirting boards, stairwells, ventilation grates, light covers, cobwebs, architraves and loose-leaf litter.

To ensure you get the results you deserve, we start by creating you a personalised plan that attends to what’s most important to you. With a plan for moving through your property, you can rest assured we’re going to spend detailed time in each area. This way, our experienced and highly trained cleaners can deliver the impeccable and consistent results you need. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. Let us guarantee the first impression your tenants and interstate or overseas owners have is a pristine, clean and tidy public area.

Our services include:

  • General cleaning (interior and exterior of all properties)

  • Replacement of all incidentals (toilet rolls, hand towels, urinal cakes, hand soap, automatic toilet fragrances, light bulbs, etc.)

  • Carpet cleaning (at our competitive rates)

  • Deep cleans of sanitary conveniences (we use hospital-grade disinfectants)

  • Pool cleaning and maintenance

  • Garden and grounds maintenance (lawn care and gardening)

  • Property maintenance (from general maintenance to graffiti removal)

  • Waste removal

  • Gutter cleaning

Simplicity and efficiency are our core values. We aim to provide you with a fast, stress-free and comprehensive body corporate cleaning service. We service all across Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

What our customers say about Innova

"Have found Innova Services to be a well organised family based business which offers incredible customer service at competitive prices.

Coraline and the Team are easy to deal with, very accommodating, and reliable!"


Rose Jocumsen
BCM Manager

Creating healthier and more sustainable spaces with  

Abiding by safety standards is something we commit to here at Innova. This includes tested and tagged equipment, conformity to all applicable OHS and environmental regulations and the types of chemicals used. With us, you get an allocated team of experienced cleaners that know your needs. Every one of our cleaners must undergo a police check and hold a white/blue card.