Why a Clean Childcare Centre is SO Important

Written by Coraline Dufroux
04 Aug 2020

Every parent knows that infections spread like wildfire in childcare centres. Keeping a childcare centre clean and hygienic is important for the health, well-being, and safety of both the children and the staff. Besides, it’s good business!

Here’s 4 reasons why a clean childcare centre is very important:

 1. Childcare centres are prone to the spreading of infections

Infections spread easily in childcare due to crowding,
microbial contamination, unhygienic behaviours, and young children being more susceptible. Children haven’t developed hygiene habits yet and have a lot of physical contact when playing, further aiding the spread of germs.

2. A clean childcare centre is good for business

Every parent wants to know they’re leaving their child in a safe place. Cleanliness of the facility is a major deciding factor when parents choose a childcare facility for their children. A clean childcare centre demonstrates your professionalism and trustworthiness in the childcare industry.

3. Protect the health of the children and your staff

Preventing the spread of germs wherever possible keeps your staff and the children happy and healthy. Less sick days for everyone cuts down costs, improves career longevity and keeps workloads manageable.

4. Germ hotspots build up in childcare

Because of the nature of children’s behaviour, germ hotspots build up in specific areas. Children spend large parts of the day playing on the floor, also bringing in dirt from outdoors. Children also tend to put high-use items, such as bedding and toys, in their mouths.

How to keep a childcare centre clean and healthy

So, how do you keep a childcare centre clean with all the challenges that get thrown your way? Here are some tips from our professional commercial cleaners.

1. Choose materials with ease of cleaning in mind

The easiest thing to help keep your childcare centre clean is selecting materials that are easy to clean. Non-porous, easy-to-clean and hygienic surfaces help a great
deal with preventing infections. For example, in nappy changing areas, use a non-absorbent mat and clean after use each time.

2. Clean surfaces daily

Keeping surfaces and floors clean of dirt and contaminants is the foundation of childcare centre cleaning. This is particularly important for spaces used for
eating, play, and sleep. When you choose the right materials, a detergent and some warm water will do for daily cleaning.

3. Disinfect high-use items at least monthly

Remember, cleaning removes dirt but it doesn’t eliminate all germs! Effective disinfecting is essential in destroying viruses and bacteria. Items such as toys and utensils need special attention. Make sure to disinfect them at least monthly, steam cleaning is a great chemical-free solution for it.

4. Practice regular handwashing

One of the best and simplest practices for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria is regular handwashing. Make sure your childcare centre has handwashing stations where people can wash their hands with warm running water and soap. Handwashing should be available in and near eating spaces, bathrooms, and nappy changing stations.

5. Train your staff

It’s important to regularly train and re-train your staff on appropriate hygiene. For example, on rigorous handwashing when arriving at the centre, before
handling food and after handling nappies. Make sure gloves are available to wear when cleaning up body fluids.

6. Keep age groups separated

Many infections are much more common in toddlers and infants than older children. By keeping different age groups in separate spaces, you reduce the risk of infections spreading. It also makes it possible to contain infections in one group or part of the facility.

To ensure your childcare facility is always clean to a level that pleases parents, children, and staff, leave it a commercial cleaner. Innova Services can keep your childcare centre sparkling clean, giving a professional impression.