The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Written by Pascal Dufroux
21 Jan 2019

At times, there is confusion in determining whether to hire a commercial cleaning contractor or a domestic cleaner to take care of your premises.

We know all the ins and outs of the cleaning industry.

At times, there is confusion in determining whether to hire a commercial cleaning contractor or a domestic cleaner to take care of your premises. In fact, shouldn’t both types of cleaners have the same end goal in mind – to provide a neat, hygienic and clean environment which exemplifies the property and brand of the business / residential property? Whilst that may be the case at a macro level, at the micro level the differences between commercial and domestic cleaning are vast. Let’s explore the key difference between the two below:

Commercial Cleaning Company

Typically such a company, like Innova Services Group, has the capacity to take on large scopes with clients of all shapes and sizes. Commercial cleaning contractors, like Innova, are available to clean 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and are flexible on the clients’ requirements; especially if last minute changes / priorities need to be delivered due to unexpected environmental, cultural or business priorities. Other considerations are:

  • The client and the contractor agree on a specific scope of work based on expertise, industry, time and budget
  • The cleaning company is responsible to provide all commercial grade cleaning chemicals which are suitable for your specific industry (note: most commercial cleaners have access to a large range of commercial cleaning chemicals for all types of surfaces. This also includes any commercial grade eco-friendly chemicals)
  • Cleaning chemicals are typically pure and diluted based on the clients’ requirements & industry standards, acts and regulations. Depending on the site, the cleaning company may install a wall mounted system to ensure dilution is in line with all legislative requirements
  • Commercial cleaning equipment is typically larger and requires specifically trained cleaning contractor to operate and generate a quality end result
  • As commercial cleaners it is our responsibility to purge hazardous wastes, disinfect washrooms and dispose of confidential information in line with the relevant states acts, standards and regulations

Domestic Cleaning Company

  • The scope of work for most properties is very similar. aside from the personal needs of the home owner that are stipulated to the cleaner
  • Most home owners’ prefer the use of their own cleaning products’doe to specific allergies, illnesses or other personal matters going on in their home. This can make the work of the cleaner slightly more complex if they do not have the right tools to perform the cleaning
  • Most clients who engage a domestic cleaner for their home has the capacity to clean their own space. This makes a domestic cleaner quite dispensable
  • Domestic cleaners are typically only available to clean during the day and are not on call for their clients

 Tailor Made for You

Over the years, Innova Services has developed specific commercial cleaning schedules to provide the most sanitized and clean space for all. We know that there will be cleaning services that are more essential for your premises than others; finding the right solution for you is our aim. That is why one of our dedicated staff will spend time to closely analyse the needs of your premises to devise the most appropriate and cost-effective plan so that all your preventative maintenance & scheduled cleaning is incorporated in your tailor-made cleaning schedule.

Innova’s A-Team

We take great pride in the care and security of our clients; with all our commercial cleaning employees and contractors being trained in occupational health and safety and undergo rigorous police history checks. Depending on your industry, our cleaners also have the appropriate checks to comply with the standards of your sector.This gives your peace of mind knowing that we have the right people performing work for your business.

Choose Innova Every Time

 Give Innova Services a call so we can assist you in achieving our commercial cleaning needs in South East Queensland – 1300 183 344. We love cleaning and hygienic spaces as much as you do!

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