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Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way of sanitising your premises? Do you need to make sure your facilities look their best and comply with OH&S? Steam cleaning is a highly effective cleaning method that is the ideal solution for many commercial premises from schools to hotels, hospitals and more.

As established commercial cleaning experts in the Brisbane area, Innova Services specialise in steam cleaning. People know us for our reliability and quality of work, proven by our long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Steam cleaning is powerful, thorough and chemical-free

Unlike other cleaning methods that only wipe off the surface, steam cleaning gets into all the nooks and crannies of a surface for a deeper clean.

The industrial steam cleaner heats water to temperatures of up to 180 degrees. This creates super-sanitising steam that kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mould, mildew, dust mites, as well as other allergens and pathogens. The process also eliminates chemical residues and sanitises surfaces in the same process. Because it consumes so little water (approximately 5 litres per hour), it’s also mess-free!

Who we help with steam cleaning

The benefits and applications of steam cleaning are bountiful. Thanks to its effectiveness, it’s a great method for many industries and environments.

At Innova, we specialise in environments such as: 

  • Hospitals
  • Retirement care and childcare facilities
  • Food service and hospitality industries
  • Schools and universities
  • Real estate
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Steam cleaning is also a fast and easy way to:
  • Defrost freezers and cold rooms
  • Thaw frozen pipes
  • Clean large industrial cold rooms 
  • Clear air conditioning systems with congested filters

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We take on the smallest to the largest of jobs. Think warehouse cleaning, industrial cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, large blocks of toilets and bathrooms, grout and tiles or even dusting and misting artificial and live plants!



Our industry and business EXPERIENCE is extensive, practical, varied, grounded and real.

Our TIME in the market place; since 1988. 

Our client LOYALTY comes about because we deliver what we say we will and we value and respect our relationships.

Our high quality SERVICE delivery – this speaks for itself.

Our satisfied STAFF: we care about people; our people, your people and all the people who come into contact with our respective businesses.

Our honest, ethical, core VALUES: simplicity and efficiency shows that we are real people, there’s no corporation or bureaucracy to hide behind, it’s just us.

Our REPUTATION in the industry; we do great work, we build great relationships… ask around.

We are committed to industry-leading services that abide by the standards of your industry. This includes the type of chemicals used, tested and tagged equipment, conformity to all applicable OHS and environmental regulations, and fully trained and experienced teams that specialise in your cleaning needs. All our cleaners have passed police checks and are holders of white / blue cards.


Creating healthier and more sustainable spaces with

Common questions about steam cleaning

The Innova team will always test your fabric in an area that is not visible, so it’s very rare for any damage to occur. 99% of the time your furniture will not be damaged.

Steam will kill fleas in your carpet, furniture or floor. However, we recommend undertaking pest control in the first instance as this is more effective or the long-term. We recommend a steam clean after the pest control, as we do know that the hot steam will kill any remaining eggs.

No, there’s no need to worry about floor damage. We use sophisticated machines and can adjust the temperature of the steam to accommodate different types of floors.

Yes, we can work with all types of floor surfaces, including:

·         Resilient (vinyl, cork)

·         Wooden (polished timber)

·         Stone (granite, sandstone)

·         Specialty (tiles, terrazzo, terracotta, concrete)

Yes, it can! However, it will depend on how long the mould has been present for. If the mould has been there for a while, the surface may be stained. Despite this, we can kill the mould and clean and sanitise the surface. If there are mould marks that remain due to time, the surface may need may a repaint. In any case, the mould will no longer be around. 

The answer is the same as for the question above. By adjusting the temperature, any chance of discolouration is reduced. 

Steam will remove the physical appearance of most stains without any chemicals. Most importantly, steam will always sanitize and disinfect the area. Even whilst the stain may still be present, the surface is completely clean.

If a stain remains visible and we know the nature of it, we may be able to remove it with temperature changes. At times, we might have to use chemicals for this type of difficult stains. Even if you don’t want to use any chemicals, the stain will still be clean, although it might remain visible.

Yes, absolutely! Steam cleaning is a great method for removing grease and limescale. Refer to the second question for carpet moths.

Steam cleaning doesn’t flood the carpeted area. It is fast drying, and also kills bacteria and microbes due to the high temperature of the steam.

Most carpet cleaners don’t use steam but water, which requires a longer time to dry. Steam cleaning only uses 5 litres of water per hour, making it an eco-friendly method.  It’s also allergy and chemical-free.

When there is an outbreak of illness; steam is the best way to sanitize and disinfect an area. Let’s say there is an outbreak of gastro. We can use steam to clean all toilet seats, partitions, floors, drains, toys and flooring to ensure the areas are no longer infected.