Office Cleanliness Linked to Line of Success

Written by Pascal Dufroux
01 Feb 2019

Working with a commercial office cleaning contractor that understands the importance of making an immediate impression is vital.

Happiness at work harbours productivity.

The cleanliness of your office makes a lasting impression on all those who frequent it – your staff, your clients, your future partners, prospects and your suppliers. Let’s explore how a clean office can have a direct impact to your bottom line with the key stakeholders of your business and why it is imperative to partner with the right professional cleaning company so that your brand is reflected in its true form.


There have been numerous studies published over the last couple of decades that showcase a direct link between the quality of the work environment to staff productivity. These studies highlight that a hygiene and clean office reduces the amount of sick leave taken, increases employee efficiency and extends their length of service. When employees feel their employer cares for their surroundings, they reciprocate this by showing their loyalty which impacts the brand of the business in the long term.

Clients & Prospects

Clients will always have an initial perception of your business and this needs to be reinforced by your physical environment. When a client visits your office, the aim is for them to feel at home immediately. Working with a commercial office cleaning contractor that understands the importance of making an immediate impression is vital. Little things like dirty front doors, a reception area that is not tidy and clean or has a funky odour is not going to win you repeat business. This also extends to the boardroom; nothing worse than meeting with a prospect when your boardroom table is messy and sticky!


The partnerships we build with our suppliers are typically long term and they can be a great source of referrals for your business. Naturally, we only refer those that we know will not let us down, because referring means that you have had great dealings with your business. Suppliers are always in and out of your office and they are judging you on a daily or weekly basis. Having your office regularly cleaned by a professional office cleaning company will not only create you leads through word of mouth but will also save you marketing costs.

Business Success

When you partner with Innova Services Group to provide you with your professional office cleaning, we will not only follow a specialized cleaning plan for your business, but we will also care about the overall aesthetics of your premises like it was our own!

Tailor Made for You

Over the years, Innova Services has developed specific commercial cleaning schedules to provide the most sanitized and clean space for office across South East Queensland. We know that there will be cleaning services that are more essential to your office over others; finding the right solution for you is our most valued intent. That is why one of our dedicated staff will spend time to closely analyse the needs of your office to put together the most appropriate and cost-effective scope to ensure all your preventative maintenance & scheduled cleaning is incorporated in your tailor-made cleaning plan.

Innova’s A-Team

We take great pride in the care and security of our clients; with all our commercial office cleaning employees and contractors being trained in occupational health and safety and undergo rigorous police history checks. Depending on your industry, our cleaners also have the appropriate checks to comply with the standards of your sector. This gives you piece of mind knowing that we have the right people performing work for your business.

Choose Innova Every Time

Give Innova Services a call so we can assist you in achieving your office cleaning needs in South East Queensland – 1300 183 344. As a family business, we care about people. Let us care for your people by caring for and cleaning your office.

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