Nurturing Child Care Cleaning Services

Written by Pascal Dufroux
06 Jan 2019

With budgets tightening up across the board for small business owners, it is driving many child care centers to have their educators take over the allocated cleaning duties of cleaning contractors. This sees many centers compromising the health, safety and standards they are to maintain and poses immense health risks to the families that frequent their centers.

Finding the right solution for you is our aim

Innova can support your center

We understand the need for high regard to cleaning and hygiene standards within your industry; that’s why we provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance cleaning schedule that focuses on safeguarding health risks to you, your team and the children who frequent your centers.

This schedule is rigorous, yet achievable as it focuses on critical areas that are typically missed in everyday cleaning tasks. Having specialized as child care cleaning contractors for three decades, we are well equipped to provide you with a range of services:

  • SANITIZING – doing this on a regular basis to all surfaces ensures a germ-free environment for all who attend your centre.
  • FLOOR MAINTENANCE – high traffic areas combined with the grime of children can have a severe effect on the life of your floors. This will reduce falls, trips and slips and has the added benefit of maintaining the life of your flooring as well as the safety of your premises.
  • STEAM CLEANING – allows you to kill bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. It is recommended that all rugs and carpets are steamed to reduce the presence of dust mites and other unknown particles that may affect the sensitive skin of babies and children.
  • WINDOW CLEANING – with so many little hands touching these surfaces at all times of the day, windows become another space for bacteria, germs and irritants to build up. There are other multiple benefits to having clean windows; it ensures natural lighting is unaffected, and a clean feeling for all parents coming through on a daily/weekly basis.
  • PERIODICAL CLEANING – taking care of air conditioning vents, fans, light switches and walls are a must, not only for your centres hygiene and to reduce effects of allergens, but also because this will leave a lasting impression on your clients.
  • HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING – of all external areas where children occupy regularly. This also provides longevity of the surfaces and a pleasing visual effect for your clients, giving a long-lasting impression.

Tailor made for you

Over the years, Innova Services has developed specific child care cleaning schedules to provide the most sanitized and clean space for all. We know that there will be cleaning services that are more essential for your center than others; finding the right solution for you is our aim. That is why one of our dedicated staff members will spend time to closely analyse the needs of your center to devise the most appropriate and cost-effective plan so that all your preventative maintenance & weekly cleaning is incorporated in your tailor made child care cleaning schedule.

Innova’s A-Team

We take great pride in the care and security of our clients; with all our child care cleaning employees being trained in occupational health and safety and undergoing rigorous police history checks. This gives you piece of mind knowing that we have the right people in your centers.

Choose Innova every time

Give Innova Services a call so we can assist you in achieving your child care cleaning needs – 1300 183 344.

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