November 2019 Employee Awards

Written by Coraline Dufroux
03 Dec 2019

Award: Contractor of the Month

Awarded to: Rinchen Khandu

Q&A with Rinchen Khandu

Where are you from and when did you arrive in Australia? 

My name is Mr. Rinchen Khandu and I am from Bhutan. On 13th June 2018 I arrived here in Australia.

What do you love about living in Australia? 

From my point of view, I really love to be here in Australia because it’s very beautiful here and also a very safe place to live in.

Is all your family in Australia?

No, only me and my wife are here in Australia.

What are your future goals/what do you hope to create for yourself and your family?

For me, my future goal is to work harder and gain skill and knowledge so that when I return back to my country, I could use these skills to help my country.