How Can Your Commercial Cleaning Business Be Eco-Friendly?

Written by Coraline Dufroux
15 Jul 2020

The cleaning industry has a reputation for using harsh chemicals.

Businesses across the board are trending toward sustainability, and commercial cleaning should be no exception. The cleaning industry has a reputation for using harsh chemicals, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Eco-friendly commercial cleaning benefits the health of your team, your customers and the planet.

With a few key changes, commercial cleaning businesses can already become eco-friendly. As commercial cleaners, we can educate the market on sustainability and help them make better choices.

What are eco-friendly cleaning products?

One of the main things you can do to make your cleaning business greener is to use eco-friendly cleaning products.

When choosing products, take descriptions such as “100% chemical-free” with a grain of salt. No cleaning product comes entirely without chemicals – many chemicals occur in the natural world and are not harmful. What matters is that the chemicals used are not damaging. The official guidelines for green marketing are outlined in Australian consumer law.

As a rule of thumb, if an ingredient is too difficult to pronounce, it’s probably not good for your people or the environment. Ideally, choose products that are certified by an independent organisation.

6 steps to eco-friendly commercial cleaning
  1. Swap chemical cleaners for eco-friendly cleaners

Research by the EPA has shown that harmful chemicals get released into the environment during normal cleaning procedures, such as rinsing down the drain. Luckily, cleaning products have evolved in the past few years. Look for plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable alternatives. Avoid products with bleach or ammonia.

  1. Educate staff on how to use eco-friendly products

There are great eco-friendly cleaning products currently on the market. However, they might need to be applied differently to traditional ones. To get the most out of your new eco-friendly products, make sure to train your staff to use them the right way. Otherwise, the changeover could lead to all parties getting frustrated.

  1. Use the power of steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a powerful way of sanitising a variety of surfaces from furniture to tiles and carpets. An industrial steam cleaner heats water to 180 degrees, creating sanitising steam. It’s an effective way of destroying bacteria, mould, viruses and more. It also eliminates chemical residues. An effective industrial steam cleaner uses very little water, around 5 litres.

  1. Use energy-efficient equipment

Invest in energy-efficient equipment, rather than opting for the cheapest alternative. It will save you and your clients money in the long run, as it will be cheaper to run.

  1. Save water when possible

Commercial cleaning uses a lot of water, there’s no way around it. Investing in water-efficient technologies can have a huge impact on your overall environmental impact. The solutions can range from more efficient machinery to using flat mops and microfibre cloths.

  1. Find smart ways to deal with waste

Inform your clients about sustainable ways to deal with waste, such as getting more recycling bins. It’s likely your company handles disposing of the waste, so make sure as much of it gets recycled as possible. Avoid using plastic liners in bins that are mostly used for paper or cardboard.

Get eco-friendly, it’s time

While you might worry about the added cost or effort of making your commercial cleaning business greener, the chances are it will pay off. It might become the reason your clients choose you, so make sure you’re communicating your eco-friendly actions clearly. Green cleaning is not just good for the planet, it’s good business!