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We provide professional serviced apartment and hotel cleaning services across Brisbane and South East Queensland, including Ipswich, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Having our team look after your housekeeping allows your staff and management to focus on servicing your guests, while giving you confidence your facilities look their best. As experts in the hospitality industry, we offer full cleaning services for hotels, motels, serviced apartments, student accommodation and more.

Full Hotel and Serviced Apartment Cleaning Services

We provide all the cleaning services you need for complete accommodation housekeeping. To maintain and, where possible, improve the standard of all areas of your property is our focus. By providing consistent cleanliness across your establishment, we help bring your guests a great experience.

We believe in building a supportive relationship with the accommodation providers we partner with. Achieving optimal outcomes for your establishment is something we hold ourselves accountable for. Our managers and teams are all hospitality trained with experience spanning a breadth of environments. Our experience within the industry is solid; backed by a passion for purpose, service and relationships. As our client, you’ll have direct access to Innova’s directors should you have any concerns.

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Taking Hotel Cleaning to the Next Level

When running a hotel, one of your top priorities is making sure all rooms are spotless for the comfort and safety of your guests. That’s why efficient and diligent housekeeping services are so important. With so many guests passing through your facility, it’s crucial to make sure each surface and room is thoroughly cleaned.

Your housekeeping department may remove clutter from dressers and desks. Yet, cleaning shouldn’t end with these surfaces. Dust can easily accumulate on top of the TV, power points and skirting boards. These are the types of details our cleaners are trained to pay attention to, making sure no detail is overlooked.

What’s more, fingerprints can easily end up on every surface in a hotel room. The prints left on polished stainless steel can sometimes be the most visible. If these fingerprints are not removed, they may be the first things a guest notices when entering the room. Luckily, they can be spotted and removed when quality cleaning is a priority.

Choose Quality with Innova's Cleaning Services

We understand that in the hospitality industry the cleanliness of your facilities needs to match your image. Don’t believe a room is clean simply because the bed is made and the floor is vacuumed. A thorough housekeeping service should pay attention to even the smallest details.

Housekeeping services by Innova give you peace of mind, and you can breathe knowing that your guests will arrive to a spotless room. We do more than daily housekeeping and departure services. We work with accommodation providers to create an individualised preventative cleaning maintenance plan. This is to ensure the quality of our service is kept to a high standard. What’s more, our team is available 24/7 to suit your occupancy. Through regular audits and careful supervision of each team, we make sure to uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves.

What our customers say about Innova

"Essence Apartments & Suites have been working with Innova Services Group for over 5 years. They are very friendly, efficient and approachable.. No task is ever too small nor big. The team are always available to assist both of our hotels both Chermside and Taringa in delivering a high quality product to our guests and our reviews are proof of this"
Adie Meredith
General Manager

Creating healthier and more sustainable spaces with



Our industry and business EXPERIENCE is extensive, practical, varied, grounded and real.

Our TIME in the market place; since 1988. 

Our client LOYALTY comes about because we deliver what we say we will and we value and respect our relationships.

Our high quality SERVICE delivery – this speaks for itself.

Our satisfied STAFF: we care about people; our people, your people and all the people who come into contact with our respective businesses.

Our honest, ethical, core VALUES: simplicity and efficiency shows that we are real people, there’s no corporation or bureaucracy to hide behind, it’s just us.

Our REPUTATION in the industry; we do great work, we build great relationships… ask around.

We are proud to provide industry-leading hotel and serviced apartment cleaning services, catering to the specific needs of the hospitality and accommodation industry. This includes regular training from our highly qualified management team, tested and tagged equipment, specialised chemicals for the industry, premium guest interaction, weekly room audits along with strict quality standards for guests. When we look after your facilities, a dedicated team of experienced housekeepers gets to know your needs. Our team have passed police checks and are trained specifically to work in hotel and serviced apartment cleaning services.