There is so much more to your Medical Centre than meets the eye – Patient Confidentiality, Health and Safety Requirements & Standards, Waste Removal Standards not to mention the specialised equipment that you may be using on your premises.

We, at Innova, recognise that cleaning your Healthcare Premises takes more care than other usual commercial premises. We also know that you do not want to be drowning in the smell of heavy chemicals nor residue on any of your surfaces.

Our staff are trained specifically to be familiar with your legislative requirements and how to manoeuver their way around your obligations. All of our staff are Police checked, trained and certified in the criticality of confidentiality and particularly of medical waste removal.

Full Healthcare Cleaning Services

We understand the need for high regard to cleaning, infection and hygiene standards in your healthcare facility. Innova works with Healthcare Facility Managers to find the best individualised solution for each centre.

Our goal is to provide your facility with a pristine clean condition at all times, making sure the surroundings are safe and up to code for patients under your care. Our excellent attention to detail allows staff and clients to be safe from infection at all times.

Taking Healthcare Cleaning to the Next Level

Whether its dentistry, medical or other specialised services – executing consistent quality cleaning practices that prevent the spread of infection is now more important than ever.

Our specialisation in healthcare facility cleaning incorporates a tailored plan particular to your industry to ensure we are both complying to the stringent code requirements. This is key in our service delivery to you and in turn the one you commit to your patients.

Choose Quality with Innova's Cleaning Services

We understand that your healthcare facilities need to be clean and sanitised to adhere to industry standards. Don’t believe your premises is clean simply because the surfaces are wiped and the floor is vacuumed. A thorough cleaning service should pay attention to even the smallest details.

Healthcare cleaning services by Innova give you peace of mind and you can breathe knowing that patients will arrive to a spotless space. We do more than routine cleaning. We work with each centre to create an individualised periodical cleaning plan. This is to ensure the quality of our service is kept to a high standard. What’s more, our team is available 24/7 to suit your needs. Through regular audits and careful supervision of each team, we make sure to uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Creating healthier and more sustainable spaces with