Health is Hygiene

Written by Pascal Dufroux
20 Mar 2019

Proper sterilisation and sanitation is key to keep bad odours, germs and contagions at bay.

Keeping equipment clean, sanitised, sterilised and undamaged.

Whether it be the gym or health centre, we all go to either of these two places for one reason. Our health, of course, and with health comes hygiene. Keeping these large public spaces clean and sanitised is a daunting task, however it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming with frequent professional cleaning and clear house rules.

Proper sterilisation and sanitation is key to keep bad odours, germs and contagions at bay. Think about all the different places people can possibly sit, touch, shower and the list goes on. Equipment, floors, mirrors, taps, door handles – these surfaces cannot be overlooked. An environment that is safe and promotes good health will encourage people to come back.

A study on gym equipment released in 2018 revealed that there are 362 times more bacteria on free weights than a toilet seat and treadmills trump taps in public bathrooms with 74 times more bacteria. It may sound shocking, but are you really surprised? When you truly think about the amount of people that use the same equipment it makes sense. But how do you stop the spread of these bacteria?

Regular and thorough professional cleaning

By regular, we mean daily. This is so important. People naturally sweat when they workout therefore gyms and health centres tend to be quite moist environments that are ideal for germs, viruses mould, mildew, you name it. Steam cleaning is a great way to get a deep clean and reduce bacteria and mould for all areas such as gym equipment, rubber mats, rugs, showers and carpets. This way of cleaning is perfect for those who suffer from allergies. Floor scrubbers, polishers, pressure washers and high quality commercial vacuum cleaners are also a must to maintain the life of your floors and keep those nasties at bay.

Equipment maintenance should be an integral part of the cleaning process. Keeping equipment clean, sanitised, sterilised and especially undamaged. Damaged equipment can harbour bacteria in the smallest tears or cracks to protective linings. Depending on the amount of use, gym equipment can last between 5 to 10 years if well looked after. Cleaners can inspect equipment whilst thoroughly cleaning it. This will ensure necessary repairs can be made and decrease the likelihood of germs spreading.

House rules should be made clear to all. For everyone’s protection it is important that full participation of germ prevention is adhered to by those who enter the facility. House rules such as: wiping down equipment before and after every use, shoes to be worn at all times and practicing proper hand hygiene are all ways in which to make gyms and health centres a safer, healthier place.

Choose Innova every time

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