December 2019 Employee Awards

Written by Coraline Dufroux
05 Jan 2020

Award: Contractor of the Month

Awarded to: Ashutosh Kandel

Q&A with Ashutosh Kandel

Where are you from and when did you arrive in Australia?

I am from Nepal and I came to Australia in September 2018.

What do you love about living in Australia? 

Australia is a beautiful country with lovely people. I like how the government looks after its citizens and I’m very impressed with the law here. What I also find amazing is, Australia is full of greenery all around. Everywhere is mostly surrounded with green trees, grasses and public parks. I love that I can get to know many people from different parts of the world and it feels amazing.

Is all your family in Australia?

I live with my wife in Australia. My other family members are back home in Nepal which includes my mum, dad, younger brother and my granny. I do miss them a lot.