Best Practice in Residential Aged Care Cleaning

Written by Pascal Dufroux
08 Feb 2019

With residents’ health and wellbeing at the forefront of your care, we know the demands this puts on you to deliver a high standard.

Let us care about your cleanliness

At Innova Services Group, we understand how important hygiene and cleanliness is to aged care facilities in South East Queensland. With residents’ health and wellbeing at the forefront of your care, we know the demands this puts on you to deliver a high standard as an accommodation provider of our aging population.

Innova partners with you to take care of your in-house & facilities – we know what it’s like to maintain and clean an all-encompassing facility – accommodation, function rooms, medical theatre rooms & equipment as well as commercial kitchens.

With Innova on your team, your accreditation & compliance requirements will be at the forefront of our minds and your credibility with your residents and governing bodies will be immaculate and remain intact for the future.

Having specialized as aged care cleaning contractors for three decades, we are well equipped to provide you with a range of services:


With our decades of background in the accommodation & hospitality industry we will take care of your residents’ room on the frequency of their choice – daily, weekly, fortnightly or as needed.

Infection Control

At times this may be necessary at short notice; we are ready to ensure everything is sanitised for you and your residents.

Pest Control

Can be carried out periodically as requested or scheduled.

External Maintenance

We know that the external is as important as the internal, that’s why we provide landscaping, gardening services and external cleaning services.

Floor Maintenance

High traffic areas can have a severe effect on the life of your floors. We will ensure periodical work is undertaken to maintain the life, the safety of your premises and the required compliance for your premises.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a great way to reduce bacteria and chemical residue for all areas such as kitchens, gym equipment, rubber mats, rugs, showers and carpets. This way of cleaning is perfect for those who suffer from allergies with specific chemicals.

High Pressure Cleaning

Hygiene needs to be maintained internally as well as externally. Build up of mould can have a negative health impact on residents, especially those who frequent regularly so it’s important to prioritize this into your specialized cleaning schedule. This also provides longevity of the surfaces and pleasing visual effects for your residents, for a long-lasting impression.

Periodical Cleaning

Taking care of air conditioning vents, fans, light switches and walls are a must, not only for hygiene purposes and for the reduction of allergens, but also for visually pleasing results for your residents.


Sanitizing of all surfaces across the board will ensure a germ-free environment for all facilities and all onsite kitchens.

Tailor made for you & your residents

Over the years, Innova Services has developed specific aged care cleaning schedules to provide the most sanitized and clean space for your residents. We know that there will be cleaning services that are more essential to your aged care facility over others; finding the right solution for you is our most aim. One of our dedicated staff will spend time to closely analyse the needs of your facility and your residents to put together the most appropriate and cost-effective scope to ensure all your preventative maintenance & scheduled cleaning is incorporated in your tailor-made cleaning plan.

Innova’s A-Team

We take great pride in the care and security of our clients; with all our commercial aged care cleaning employees and contractors being trained in occupational health and safety and undergo rigorous police history checks. Our cleaners also have the appropriate checks to comply with the standards and regulations of your sector. This gives you piece of mind knowing that we have the right people performing work for your business and your most prized asset; your residents.

Choose Innova every time

Give Innova Services a call so we can assist you in caring for your premises and your residents with all your aged care cleaning needs in South East Queensland – 1300 183 344. As a family business, we care about people. Let us care for your residents by caring for them and their personal spaces.

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