Ahhh, It’s the Little Things on a Monday Morning…

Written by Pascal Dufroux
08 Jun 2018

Shinning Slates cleaned with our secret. 

There’s nothing quite like walking into a clean office building on Monday morning. Some aspects of a cleaning routine may seem unimportant, but they can make a big difference in your business’ boardrooms and offices.

Ready for a Busy Week
If you have a meeting first thing Monday morning, your boardroom and your office are your first stops when you get to work. A vacuumed floor isn’t the same thing as a thoroughly cleaned room. Your cleaners should usually make sure each chair has been wiped down with each seat tucked neatly under the table. Partition glass should typically receive a thorough cleaning so you don’t see handprints and smudges, and the doors should be closed and wiped down. Additionally, the sinks in the galleys need careful attention. The scum marks and residue should be gone so all you can see is a bright, shiny sink.

Don’t Forget the Waste
Your cleaners should typically ensure the bin is tucked under your desk, not left out in the middle of your office. It’s also important to consider what happens to this waste once it leaves your office. If your company has specific procedures about waste disposal, it’s important for your cleaners to make sure they follow them.

It’s important for your building to be ready for a busy week. Innova Services Group goes the extra mile to keep your boardrooms and offices tidy and presentable.

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