5 Ways Outsourcing Your Cleaning Can Help Your Business Grow

Written by Coraline Dufroux
08 Mar 2020

I recently met with a day care centre director. It was just before 6 pm; the last child had been collected and the staff were starting to clean the centre.

When I asked her who she contracted to do the cleaning at the centre, she told me that at the end of each day the educators would do the cleaning before they went home.

What she didn’t realise is at the end of a full day supervising children, the last thing the educators want to do is clean the centre. I could see they felt frustrated at having to undertake this task and were simply “going through the motions”.

As I explained to her, outsourcing her cleaning requirements will help her (and other businesses) grow in the following ways.

Staff satisfaction and engagement


Outsourcing a business’ cleaning requirements ensures that professionals are taking care of the hygiene, cleaning and infectious control for industry specific legislative requirements. Whilst including cleaning tasks in employees’ daily responsibilities can save you money in the short term, there are implications for your business long term that will affect your profit margin.

In the case of the day care centre, staff were not prioritising cleaning as part of their daily duties, increasing the risk of non-compliance for the centre.

Outsourcing cleaning makes for a healthier environment


A healthy work environment promotes productivity, wellbeing and pride of the workplace environment, reducing absenteeism and a business’ bottom line.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness


Professional cleaners have a trained eye when it comes to the standards and requirements of each industry. This ensures cleaning services are delivered to high standards in shorter time spans, using advanced cleaning methods.

Better eco-friendliness


A reputable cleaning company will follow environmentally friendly cleaning practices that are typically unknown to in-house staff, such as not using harsh chemicals and even the specific obligations of disposal of cleaning products.

Profitable in the long run


Staff at cleaning companies are trained to properly clean and maintain specific areas of your offices; carpets, equipment, furniture and bathrooms.

A well-trained team of specialists will know how to clean these areas effectively improving the shelf-life of these items, meaning that they will be repurchased less often, saving you money to be used elsewhere.

If you are using your own staff to clean your business premises, consider if this is your best option. Outsourcing your cleaning needs can not only lift moral, improve health and wellness but decrease the time and cost taken to clean.