5 Considerations for Commercial Cleaning Companies Today

Written by Coraline Dufroux
09 Apr 2021

Our CEO, Coraline Dufroux, is a contributing writer to Forbes Business Council and is an active member of their community.

Check out her latest article on the Forbes Website giving insights to other commercial cleaning service providers on key factors to consider when working and developing key preventative maintenance plans for clients and their common areas.

Innova Services Group has worked in the space since 1989, there is nothing we haven’t seen, cleaned or been asked to do. We have a wealth of knowledge within our team to provide key consulting cleaning services as well as deliver first class cleaning solutions to clients all over Queensland.

What we have found from decades of being on the ground, with companies of all sizes, is that facility managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of an asset and its requirements are consistently planned and monitored. We know, and can testify that, when preventative maintenance plans are created, implemented and delivered, safety incidents are reduced and the life of assets are extended; positively impacting the bottom line of the asset owner.

Now who doesn’t want a healthy bottom line?!