3 Things Only Professional Cleaners Know

Written by Coraline Dufroux
24 Feb 2020

Professional cleaners get a unique insight into a business, the operations and the people that work there. They also bring their expertise and knowledge to cleaning; this includes what chemicals to use (and not use), how to kill germs and how often to clean.

I was recently talking to a potential client who was surprised at what we knew (and needed to know) about their cleaning requirements.

Here are 3 things only professional cleaners will know:

Which chemicals to use and where

A lot of cleaning products contain chemicals that are not meant to be used everywhere (such as bleach). If they are used on certain furniture items, they may cause permanent damage. A professional cleaner is trained in knowing which areas of the office require which chemicals in order to clean them properly.

They are also trained on the safety precautions and procedures around using these potentially dangerous chemicals. Trained professionals will also know how to dispose of these chemicals properly and in an environmentally friendly way.

How to properly kill germs

Although germs are inevitable, it is still important to reduce the spread of them around the office. Not all germs should be treated equally.

A professional cleaner will know which germs grow in which areas and how to remove them effectively to reduce them appropriately.

How often should you be cleaning certain areas

Some areas of the office require more cleaning than you would think and some require less. For example areas that should be cleaned often, but are normally overlooked by a non-professional cleaner, include door handles, faucet handles and water-cooler buttons. These are touched by multiple people many times a day and can harvest more germs than the bathroom! A professional cleaner will know where these hazardous areas are and will know how often they should be cleaned in order to maintain a healthy workplace environment.

By using our “insider knowledge” we make sure that the premises are cleaned and that it is undertaken in a safe and effective manner.